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2017 Annual Conference Attendees

An online forum for attendees of the 2017 Annual Conference.

2017 UNConference Attendees

An online forum for attendees of the 2017 UNConference.

ALC Board of Directors

Open to current ALC Board Members only.

ASTM F43 Committee

Open to ASTM F43 Committee members only.

ALC Conference Committee

Open to ALC Annual Conference Committee members only.

ALC UNConference Committee

Open to ALC UNConference Committee members only.


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Open to ALC Members only


SaaS Vendor Management System


L. Craig

Notary Agreement or Guidelines


L. Craig

Audiobook Narration


Piedmont Global Language Solutions

LinkedIn Sales Navigator


L. Craig

Vendor billing guidelines


L. Craig

Refugee Solidarity


L. Craig



C. Hiers

Japanese Semiconductor translations


C. Itzkowich

In search of LSP experienced in Voice to Text for online video game indstry


B. Friedman

I am looking for M&A opportunities in Mexico.


C. Itzkowich

Looking for 2 native American languages for OPI


The Language Group LLC

Help! Looking for Bengali<>English Interpreter in Miami for Deposition


C. Hiers

Hello and welcome to our new website!


L. Craig

Paying vendors outside of US


L. Craig

English Transcription - Rome, Italy


K. McQuire

URGENT HELP NEEDED: LARGE Spanish>English, public health, Trados required


Alboum & Associates

Who is coming to ATA57?


C. Itzkowich

Client using App for Interpreting


L. Craig

When your client removes your indemnification clause...


J. Bishop



M. Majkowski

Interpreting Agencies vs. Independent Contractors.


L. Craig

Pros and cons of using MT


D. Bolster

All Inclusive Membership (AIM) Initiative


K. Diamond

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